The Pretty Reckless


This band puts out some crazy loud ! Although they’ve been around for a few years, their second album, Going to Hell is the one that’s getting all the play. Their recent gig as backup for Nickelback on their North American tour introduced the most awesome female rock vocalist since Joan Jett screamed out “I Love Rock and Roll”. Lead vocalist Taylor Momsen really knows how to rule an audience. Her badass lyrics and platinum hair the epitome of a female rock legend she belts out songs like “Follow Me Down” and “Blame Me”.

Having been fortunate enough to catch her live in Edmonton I immediately had to ask myself where she had been. The only radio play resulting from the announcement of The Pretty Reckless being the backup for Nickelback. The first vinyl I purchased in over 20 years being the 2014 album “Going to Hell“. Not your typical old black album but a nice white in contrast to the dark sleeve. Vinyl has come a long way and the old faulty colored vinyl has undergone a new process resulting in the crisp sound you can only get from your favorite record on a great turntable. The purchase also included a digital download saving us the trouble of using an inferior recording device to convert our new album to MP3.

This concert left me feeling “Pretty Reckless”

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Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

The the BEST classic rock album of all time. Ok, maybe not the best but so good it hurts me to think about it….Ok, not hurts but really makes me want to listen to it again. (And sing along)

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours is one of the all-time top albums and the biggest selling pop album to date. Released in 1977 the album explores the inner turmoil of the band as couples Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks split and bassist John McVie and his keyboardist/singer wife Christine McVie filed for divorce. From ‘Second Hand News’ to Christine McVie’s ‘Oh Daddy’ this album has something for everyone. This was Fleetwood Mac’s eleventh album and the one that would make the British band a household name in North America.


I had the good fortune to hold seats in the tenth row last time Fleetwood Mac played an Edmonton concert and they were amazing. Stevie Nicks has her following of lace glove wearing groupies against the stage arms waving in the air fueling another generation of Karaoke singers believing they can sound exactly like Stevie..NOT! Drummer Mick Fleetwood with a thundering solo puts the younger generation to shame, while Stevie belts out lyrics sounding like the old days.

This is one band I’d like to tell ‘Don’t Stop’


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Blue Rodeo and the Devin Cuddy Band


Blue Rodeo gets a bad rap from the record industry. They are classified as country…Now don’t get me wrong there are some pretty good country bands out there but I wouldn’t call myself a country music fan. This band with its blend of country, blues and folk falls between the cracks when it comes to radio play. The industry in its square peg square hole way likes to have things tied up in nice neat packages. The bands that don’t fit in that square hole just don’t get the attention they deserve. Blue Rodeo is one of those bands. Having sold over 4 million albums originally gaining popularity with the single “Try” in rotation on MuchMusic in the mid-eighties.

Having been around since 1984 this band knows how to put on a great show. Their recent concert at the Jubilee in Edmonton promoting their latest album In Our Nature was a real family affair with the son of  singer-songwriter Jim Cuddy sharing the stage.The Devin Cuddy Band led by….you guessed it Devin Cuddy put on a rousing show with a mix of New Orleans Jazz/Blues and Country and a little Rock-a-Billy. The hilarious lyrics and catchy tune to “My Son’s a Queer” getting the audience to fall in love with the band. I’m not usually star struck having worked in one of the largest clubs in the Vancouver area for over five years and having seen all the big Canadian bands of the 80’s and 90’s but I fell in love with these young men and their passion for fun music. Lining up after the concert to get my new CD signed and a photo with the band like a school girl. Ok not too hip but who cares they rocked!

With the songwriting and voices of Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor singing all the old favorites like Diamond Mine, Try and It Could Happen to You with a finale bringing both bands on stage for a sing-along what a show. They had a huge offering of swag in the lobby and I was also fortunate to pick up Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor’s Original Soundtrack for the movie Gunless (which if you haven’t seen it is totally worth the search) So much talent in one small venue I’m hoping to catch them all next time around. It’ll be a while before “I am myself again”.

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